A Lesson in Black and White

A Lesson in Black and White

Emma (L) and Charlie (R)

The following was a children’s story I shared at our church recently:

Charlie. Everyone who comes to Closure for Jesus farm loves Charlie. Let me tell you a little about Charlie. He’s a Border Collie dog, and he’s about two years old now. If we tell Charlie, “NO”, we only have to tell him once. If we tell him, “Come!”, he comes right away. If we tell him, “Go get it!”, he’s off before we finish speaking. If we tell him “Bring it, Drop it”, whatever it is, is right on the ground in front of us. If we throw a stick in the creek or the pond, he has it back at our feet in seconds, waiting for the next throw. If we throw a frisbee, Charlie will sail through the air to catch it. Charlie loves to please.

Then there’s Emma. Not everyone who comes to Closure for Jesus farm loves Emma. Let me tell you a little about Emma. She’s also a Border Collie dog, and she is one week older than Charlie. She’s as sweet and loving a dog as you will ever find, and is very attached to us. But if we tell Emma, “NO”, we may have to tell her 20 times before she stops. If we tell her “Fetch”, she runs to the stick and stands over it and stares at us. The dogs are not supposed to get in the garden, but I have to tell Emma every day, “Emma, get out of the garden!!” If my cat, Lily, walks by Emma tears out after her.

You know what Charlie does when Emma chases my cat? He runs after Emma and stops her. Charlie knows they are not supposed to chase my cat, and he is trying to remind Emma to leave her alone. Charlie often tries to help Emma obey, but Emma seems set on doing what she wants to. Remember, though, she is very sweet and loving; she just won’t obey. She wants to have her own way, and it sometimes frustrates not only me, but children who come here to visit our farm and play with the dogs.

Now, when I ask people why they love Charlie so much, do you know what is the first thing most people say? They say, “Because he is so obedient!!” WOW! Now that’s very interesting. Charlie is fun to play with. He’s a sweet dog. He’s super smart. He’s a beautiful dog (so is Emma). But the thing most people really like about Charlie is the fact that he is quick to obey.

What a lesson! Do you think Jesus can make us quick to obey like Charlie, the Border Collie dog? I think He can. Do you think it would make our friends and family like to be around us better?

John 14:15  “If ye love me, keep my commandments.”

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