A Simple Life…Mowing with Titus

A Simple Life…Mowing with Titus

Part of our ministry includes helping God’s people learn to live in the country.  Many long to move to the country, and believe the Lord is calling them to do so.  But for many, fear is a huge barrier.  They just don’t know how or what to do.  We are establishing our ministry here in Central Kentucky in order to provide a place where God’s people can come to learn physically, mentally and spiritually how to prepare for the final scenes in this earth’s history.  We want to cooperate with Jesus to help bring this scene of sin and misery in this world to an end.  Want to learn more?  Watch Titus mow, then check our youtube channel for more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC70hCQOU7UV5Gop-jCWTBPw

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