Whisper a Prayer

Whisper a Prayer

We are going to begin to post a few videos on youtube of presentations done over the past year.  I am sharing a song I did at our local church earlier this year.  I pray it will be a blessing to everyone.  It is an adaptation of the song “Whisper a prayer in the morning” .

Also, I wanted to share some of the comments we have gotten from people after presentations recently:

West Virginia:

“This is so Christ-centered!  We have all the doctrine, but this really uplifts Jesus!”

“We need this!  What you are doing is just what we need!”


“So, you are doing teaching combined with music and narration?  You have the prophecies combined with music, and  that hits both left brained and right brained people.  This is a complete package!!”

“I didn’t know we were breaking Jesus’ heart.”

“This is good; we need to know this!  It is painful, but it is good!”

“I like your presentations.  They’re so simple.  We don’t need big, fancy explanations; we just need to believe the Lord!”

“You are on the right path!  This is what people need.”

“I am going to really study this!  I have never thought about Jesus’ pain as a present issue.”


“What you are doing is right–right-on!  This is just what we need!  You are doing the right thing!”

“It’s so Christ-centered!”

“I believe in the simple message of Closure for Jesus.”

We praise God for these and many other such comments from people, not just in West Virgina, Arkansas, and Kentucky, but all over.

We are working on editing some of the presentations and hope soon to have some youtube links for studies.  In the mean time, I hope this song is a blessing.

Until next time….

Considering Him,


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