Adventist Elder Statesmen Speak…

Adventist Elder Statesmen Speak…

Aaron feared for his own safety; and instead of nobly standing up for the honor of God, he yielded to the demands of the multitude. His first act was to direct that the golden earrings be collected from all the people and brought to him, hoping that pride would lead them to refuse such a sacrifice. But they willingly yielded up their ornaments; and from these he made a molten calf, in imitation of the gods of Egypt. The people proclaimed, “These be thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt.” And Aaron basely permitted this insult to Jehovah. He did more. Seeing with what satisfaction the golden god was received, he built an altar before it, and made proclamation, “Tomorrow is a feast to the Lord.” The announcement was heralded by trumpeters from company to company throughout the camp. “And they rose up early on the morrow, and offered burnt offerings, and brought peace offerings; and the people sat down to eat and to drink and rose up to play.” Under the pretense of holding “a feast to the Lord,” they gave themselves up to gluttony and licentious reveling. {PP 317.1}
How often, in our own day, is the love of pleasure disguised by a “form of godliness”! A religion that permits men, while observing the rites of worship, to devote themselves to selfish or sensual gratification, is as pleasing to the multitudes now as in the days of Israel. And there are still pliant Aarons, who, while holding positions of authority in the church, will yield to the desires of the unconsecrated, and thus encourage them in sin. {PP 317.2}

If Aaron had had courage to stand for the right, irrespective of consequences, he could have prevented that apostasy. If he had unswervingly maintained his own allegiance to God, if he had cited the people to the perils of Sinai, and had reminded them of their solemn covenant with God to obey His law, the evil would have been checked. But his compliance with the desires of the people and the calm assurance with which he proceeded to carry out their plans, emboldened them to go to greater lengths in sin than had before entered their minds. {PP 323.1}

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  1. I see the golden calf back then in the same light as the money people make now when they draw a paycheck. . Gold was a god the israelites were used to. Money seems to be a god modern day people are used to to be able to fulfill their needs and desires. More seems to be done for money than for God these days. Not that the working man isn’t worthy of his hire. He is. The working man has to make a living. The idea, I think, is that we depend more on money to supply our needs than we do on God. It’s the Lord Who gives us the health to go to work every day. It’s more depending on ourselves and money who’s value constantly shifts –that is nothing more than money– than surrender to God, worship of Him and dependence upon Him for our needs. Money can be a blessing or a curse depending on how we use it. Our surrender to God and obedience to his law brings nothing but happiness and His blessing rather than His curse. .

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