Adventist History

Adventist History

In this update I would like to share a very good presentation done by our friend, John Materne.   John is an avid student of history and very widely read.   John’s presentations of history, especially church history, remind me of my college history professor, who changed me from one who dreaded the topic, to an avid participant.  See for yourself!

One thought on “Adventist History

  1. Danna,
    I agree this presentation of our history came alive for me as well. History is not my favorite subject however Brother Materne not only brings it alive today but carries us back in time as if standing with our brothers and sisters of our faith. And as I listened conviction came over me of how have we treated all of their hard work and stress and means today. My heart was saddened because we do not realize what we have. Thank you for sharing.

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