Alzheimer's and Meat-Eating

Alzheimer's and Meat-Eating

I’m sure most of you have heard the saying, “You are what you eat.”   You know, the more I learn about health and diet, the more I see that that statement is really, really true.   Studies are finding more and more connections between disease and the use of animal products in the diet, and Alzheimer’s disease is no exception.  Join us for this little study to find out more:

2 thoughts on “Alzheimer's and Meat-Eating

  1. So much good information in this video on what we as a people who are waiting for our Lord’s return need to study and know that affects our health. I’m sure the Lord knew just what we were going to be up against just before He came back in the clouds of heaven. Animals as well as people would see so much disease that if it were not for our choices and His protection, , too, our survival wouldn’t be guaranteed for long. What goes into our bodies affects our unborn children and shortens their lives as well as robs them of their health, too. Satan is the “power of the air” exhibited in all that is polluting our atmosphere, or food supply and our water supply. You can do your own research on this and come up with the truth. If we look closely, we can see what the pollutants are and where they come from. Eating meat is just one thing we need to stay away from. Also, why EGW told us to get out of the cities and into the country where there are cleaner surroundings and we can grow our own food from heirloom seeds. Our people are awakening when we are all on the brink of real disaster. In order to maintain health, we have to stay away from the poisons, no matter what or where they are. Our vegetables as well as our fruits are loaded with them, some that cannot be washed off and permeates the plant like the Roundup now used on vegetable crops. There is no way anyone can “treat” a disease be it the common cold or cancer. The cause has to be removed. The poisons and microbes have to be gotten rid of. We can do that with natural substances that the microbes have no resistance to. It’s the “topography” that determines the health of our bodies and our immune systems. How much of the poisons have we ingested and how much do our bodies retain that will cause disease? Sister White knew what she was talking about. God inspired her to write what she did for our benefit. Her words are applicable to the end of time. TY for these inspiring videos.

  2. As an addendum, I can heartily agree that Alzheimers can be traced right back to eating meat as one cause. aluminum sprayed into our air by places called “climate control” is another major cause. It’s very scary thinking about what we are eating that could contain all kinds of microbes that we are not aware of and can’t be destroyed by heat. If we chose to eat meat, then we are making ourselves victims by our own choice. We can also agree that what is reported is far less than the actual cases involved. Meat processing plants are the filthiest places and are not well inspected by the FDA. The meat is full of adrenalin because of the fear of the animals before slaughter. A horrific, inhumane practice that we as God’s people should have no part of.

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