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  1. So very well put! If only we all could see this. Instead of using some Greek sounding words to explain why the Bible actually means the opposite of what it plainly just said. Just believe the Bible as it reads.

  2. “For many evangelicals, the marriage debate isn’t really about marriage or families or sex—it’s about the Bible itself. And that makes many evangelicals all the more uncompromising. The roots of the conflict are deeply theological….And there’s another, just as fundamental, obstacle. So far no Christian tradition has been able to embrace the LGBT community without first changing its view about women. The same reasoning that concludes that homosexuality is sin is also behind the traditional evangelical view that husbands are spiritual leaders in churches….’It is not an accident that the women’s-liberation movement preceded the gay-liberation movement,’ Robinson says, ‘Discriminatory attitudes and treatment of LGBT people is rooted in patriarchy, and in order to embrace and affirm gays, evangelicals will have to address their own patriarchy and sexism, not just their condemnation of LGBT people.'” (TIME Magazine, “A Change of Heart: Inside the Evangelical War Over Gay Marriage,” January 26, 2015, pp. 47-48.)

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