Behold the Man! New Scripture Music CD.

Behold the Man! New Scripture Music CD.

Behold the Man
Behold the Man: songs uplifting the Savior


It’s finally finished!  Closure for Jesus’ first music CD, “Behold the Man”,  has just been completed.   Behold the Man is a collection of nineteen songs taken mostly from Scripture, and focused on uplifting Jesus and helping us to understand how to have a correct relationship with Him.   Set to soothing guitar music and with simple vocals, these songs reveal the heart of Jesus as He labors to put an end to the separation between us and Him.   It is our conviction that Scripture songs are far more than merely a way to easily memorize Bible passages.  As we hide the Word in our hearts and meditate on what is being said, our experiences will begin to change.

All of the songs are not taken from Scriptures.  For instance, “The Only Wounds in Heaven”, is a narrative of the heart-wrenching experience of our Creator from the beginning of time.  It helps us to understand how all heaven has labored to direct our steps into right paths, and how grieved our God is because of our head-long plunge into perdition.

Listen here for a sample of one of the Scripture songs full of instruction on how to survive temptation and personal struggles both now and in the scenes of trial the Bible says are before us: In the time of trouble

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