The concept of seeking closure for Jesus was born in the heart of a very godly and consecrated woman who loved Jesus with all the fervency of her being.  Her name was Dawn Jenkins, and we lost her  in September 2009 to breast cancer.  Dawn did not survive to see this work fulfilled as she had hoped.

Born March 23, 1953 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she longed to know more of the Man, Christ Jesus.  Her journey led her first to Andrews University, where she graduated in 1976 with a degree in Religion and Secondary Education, with a minor in art.  She discovered, while at Andrews, that God is very real and very personal.  That discovery led her to the studied realization that Jesus came in our fallen nature.  He literally pitched His tent next to us; “God With us.”  Her love for Him grew, and she longed to equip herself further for service.

It was Dawn’s conviction, based on her study of the Bible and other inspired writings, that health work was tightly tied to the teaching of the Gospel.  This led her to a small medical missionary school, where she took a brief course to learn more about healing methods through natural remedies, such as the use of hydrotherapy and herbs.  After a time she became the Bible teacher at that school, and the Lord began to give her pertinent songs from the Scriptures to share during class each week.  This led her to link up with a young student who played guitar, thus enhancing the use of music in the classroom setting.

Eventually, she and that young student, Danna Lott, left the institute and, in time, became property caretakers for an individual who wanted to start a similar work as was being done at the medical missionary school.  Plans changed, however, when this individual told us they had decided not to abide by Biblical principles.  Dawn and Danna were then challenged to dig deep into the Word of God for solid direction in their future decisions.

Ps 116:15 Dawn's Flower bed

For Danna,  this was an entirely new experience.  For Dawn, it returned her focused attention to what God had led her to live by during a former period in her life.  That focus was to live by “every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

Just prior to the big Y2K experience, Dawn and Danna’s employer, disgruntled with their determination to follow Biblical guidelines in their practices, gave them one month to leave.  With very little money and no place to go, they left on October 18, 1999.  It was that very day that the Lord began to intervene in a marked way in their lives.  He began again, and in a new and exciting way, to give Dawn songs of deliverance:  songs of repentance, prayer, faith, and instruction.  Nearly all of the melodious messages came from the Bible and were all pertinent to issues Dawn and Danna faced day by day.  It became evident that the Lord was speaking and was seeking to turn their attention back to Him and His Word! Whatever issue they faced in ensuing months and years, the Lord answered the dilemma with a song from the Word of God.

The songs began to take on a definite pattern, and themes began to develop.  Dawn studied into the purpose of music in sacred history and prophecy, and was astounded.  Songs were developed from passages in the major and minor prophets, Song of Solomon, and more.  Because Dawn was not an educated musician, she did not know how to write timing in her music manuscripts.  There are over 1,000 songs on file needing timing, and we are planning to try to remedy this issue as we are able, with the use of music software.  God gave Dawn the miraculous ability to beautifully play the songs on a keyboard, and Danna played and still plays many of them on guitar.

Dawn was led to develop studies pertinent to the needs of Jesus at this time, as He seeks to put an end to sin in our lives and in the universe.  She also developed studies pertinent to the needs and responsibilities of God’s people at this time in earth’s history.  The overwhelming desire of Dawn’s heart was to do something for Jesus, as she recognized the delay in His coming and how this affects Him.  Her heart went out in sympathy to Him as she learned more of His predicament with His people.  One of her favorite passages is found in the book Education, written by E.G. White, on page 263.  “Those who think of the result of hastening or hindering the Gospel think of it in relation to themselves and to the world. Few think of its relation to God. Few give thought to the suffering that sin has caused our Creator. All heaven suffered in Christ’s agony; but that suffering did not begin or end with His manifestation in humanity. The cross is a revelation to our dull senses of the pain that, from its very inception, sin has brought to the heart of God. Every departure from the right, every deed of cruelty, every failure of humanity to reach His ideal, brings grief to Him.”

Truly we seek closure for Jesus.  Let us hasten that day!   2 Peter 3:12

Click here to hear the song sung at Dawn’s funeral as a memorial in hope of seeing her again!     Behold I show you a mystery