Cancer–Mamon Wilson

Cancer–Mamon Wilson

The dreaded “c” word!  Cancer.  Is it a given?  Must we just bow and expect it at some point in our lives or in the life of a loved one?   Are chemotherapy and radiation our only options?  Mamon Wilson addresses these and many more questions in this interesting presentation given in Bismarck, ND this past weekend (Jan 31-Feb2, 2015).

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  1. A very good presentation.
    If I might, I would like to give others a little information on my trip back from colon cancer. It’s my own, personal experience and a compilation of all the stuff I’ve learned this far about the cause, cleaning out the body and the nutritional end of things. I like what Pastor Doug Batchelor said about the Christian experience. We have to stop feeding the “old man” and start feeding the new. Whatever isn’t fed on a daily basis, dies. The principle behind stopping cancer and cleaning it out of the body. We use the order of cleansing to start the process. Colon, liver, Blood, lymph and tissues has to be cleaned out of the chemical poisons, radiation and parasites that caused cancer to begin with. ALL tissue has been affected from the poisons. All our tissue has mutated cells and cells that are dying from the poisons. It’s the 5th stage of this program that the body eliminates most of the dead cells, as it now can, because it is healing. NO more poisons.We can take the tumors off the outside and do the cleaning on the inside. The single most important thing to stop cancer from growing and proliferating is to kill off the parasites that cause it’s growth and metastasis EGW was right in saying that viruses caused cancer. The larger, visible parasites carry the microscopic ones. When the parasites get into the liver, the microscopic stuff is carried by the bloodstream to distant parts of the body causing the tumors. That is, INDEED, how they get there. Removing the tumors and cleaning out the inside of the body will work very effectively, but it’s over time that it happens. A lot of work, too. Your faith and trust in God will be severely tested as well as your own ability to get this accomplished. It’s you and God working together. A complete change in your life and in your lifestyle BACK to Creator God and what He intended for you to do in the beginning. All the steps of healthy living have to be in place. It’s daily communion with Him as you come back from any dreaded disease that gives you the faith that it will happen and the strength to go on.
    Enzymes, alone, will help to get cancer cured. Our foods are so depleted that we have practically NO enzymes in them. Dr. Terry Friedman has a protocol for pancreatic enzymes that is a combination of those and essential oils that he uses to discourage cancer. One little girl was completely cured of cancer using that protocol. The FDA has made Young Living Essential oils delete that protocol out of their subsequent printings of their essential oils handbook. Enzymes are necessary for our bodies to be able to use minerals, and from there, the vitamins we get from our foods. I have found that bee pollen has the enzymes and all the necessary nutrients a person needs to live on, but we must have food besides. Food is necessary to rebuild the body with. Minerals are very depleted in people who are sick. I use the French Green Clay minerals that help to detox as well as provides the body with essential minerals. The body takes what it wants and expels the rest. We need good protein to rebuild with. Through research, I have found that hemp protein is the best kind the body can use. By-passing the meat stuff. We have to have the good oils–coconut, olive oil and nut oils to help the nervous system rebuild and stay healthy. Garlic and habanero peppers are most essential. Best for killing the parasites everywhere, though we do have other herbs that will kill off the parasites mentioned in the Bible. Wormwood and clove. The green, male buds of the black walnut tree. Essential oils are all through The Bible. Wonderful gifts from Creator God to help us heal with and keep us healthy. Stabilized rice bran or risotriene is a good source of vitamin E. We have to eliminate the heavy metals. Mercury is a terrible toxin the body has zero tolerance for. There are places or states where this is being discontinued, but how many people’s lives have been devasttated by this poison? Very hard to remove. Chlorella/spirulina binds to it and takes it out of the body. Cilantro will mobilize it, but not take it out of the body, so be careful with that one. It crosses the blood/brain barrier. With so many dead cells to get rid of, we need a good anti-fungal to stop the candida. Pau d’ arco is good. Garlic is good. Just a little about my experience that I hope will help others. My great desire is to help others recover from this bad disease of cancer, too. God intended for us to live in the country very close to Him and his creation. To grow our own food and stay away from the poisons. Work, when living in the country, means we need to help support ourselves the best we can. We need to know how to work. How to do things. Work is such a blessing to mankind. The country is where there are fewer temptations to live our lives away from God and where most of the physical, mental and spiritual poisons are NOT. If we give heed to his counsel and understand WHY He told us what He did, then we can understand how we will be protected from the diseases He says He ill not put up on us IF we follow His counsel that is also repeated in the SOP.. Thanks to everyone reading my post.

    1. First i would like to congratulate you for walking and believe in God.
      Praise God for your story.
      It is alot information here and i must be honest i’m overwhelmed.
      I would like if you don’t mind to change email address so you can guide me in some important information.
      I would like to know some names of books where i can learn more about.
      I’m just starting a course from Denny Viera called detox and natural herbs.
      But I’m sure that i will need much more than this. It is a start.
      I’m a big fan of Mamon Wilson.
      My email address is :
      Kind regards and may God bless you.

  2. Chemo–what causes the disease in the first place–will NOT help the problem. Chemo makes cancer “TERMINAL” It’s a chemical poison. Look back at what the CDC knows about it. At the time of the Kennedy assasination, there was one of Lee Harvey Oswald’s girlfriends and another guy working on this. The injected rats with cancer. They didn’t die. It was only when they injected them wit chemical poisons that they died very quickly. A little bit about WHY chemo and radiation became the “treatment” for cancer. Satan behind it, for sure. The “power of the air” where you will find many more chemical poisons being sprayed now. Aluminum being the principal one. Increase in Alzheimer’s disease. 20 million tons of the stuff sprayed over America i one year along with other chemical poisons. Our God says He will destroy those who destroy the earth we people who trust Him have to live in. He will protect us, too, if we live according to His Word.
    We can’t “treat” disease. We can only remove the cause. Christ’s coming is so much more imminent as we find out the facts and realize what’s going on out there done by those who are fiends of God’s adversary–The Devil.

  3. Our Heavenly father –Jesus– was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief” on this earth.. Because he recognized all the stuff that was going on that Satan was doing then and is doing now. We become acquainted with HIS grief as we realize what’s going on, too, how much the innocent suffer at the results of his destructive hand. Some day He will take us off this planet that Satan has destroyed. Only if we get closer to Jesus. Only if we are faithful to him. .

    1. Br. Mamon will likely have his training in September. We most likely will not be up and running until spring unless it’s just for a camp meeting w/e. We close on our ministry property in August. Blessings!


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