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  1. Hello, I’d like to dialogue with you and see if there would be any opportunity for us to work together. I am an Adventist from Airdrie, Alberta Canada and am selling a book that teaches church members how to give Bible studies in their own homes in the most effective manner possible. The url is for the book, published by TEACH Services. If you had a representative at this summer’s ASI convention, it was being promoted at TEACH’s booth. My passion and purpose in life is evangelism. The lessons I’ve learned from the success the Lord has given me I hope to pass on to as many of my brothers and sisters in Christ as possible. May God be with you in your efforts as well.
    Les Miller

      1. Hello there
        I’m in Calgary and I would love to have the health book please. I watched your video about diatomaceous earth on YouTube and I’m really interested in it
        I’m catholic but I go to BP church in Bennington Calgary
        I hope you can help me
        Lilian the Brazilian

  2. Please help me find the posting you did on the “His Robe or Mine” please. This book is circulating around here again. Thank you. I know you could find it quicker then I could.

  3. Hi Dana-
    Your friend Marge introduced us to your web site and music.
    We include you in our prayer meeting every week. We LOVE Marge.
    Super sweet lady. Your website is cool, adding to favorites!
    Keep on Praising Jesus!
    Ken and Jan Iser

  4. Thank you for these videos! I was wondering if you could please do a health talk on Autism and its treatment. I am the mother of an autistic son and I know of two other mothers who are at their wits end on knowing how to treat their children both of which have bursts of violence. We are Adventists and are at AU and are frustrated that there is no help or education on this topic in the adventist community.
    Please give us a comprehensive and pratical natural plan in your health talk.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Arlene,
      Thank you for your comment and request. We are very thankful you have appreciated our videos so far, and pray they’ve been helpful. At the present I am taking advanced training in medical missionary work down in Tennessee. I plan to discuss this with my instructors. My step-daughter has Asperger’s, and I’ve studied a bit on this and the topic of Autism. Please be patient, as my classes keep me busy at the moment. We will do what we can to help you!
      Danna G.

    2. Hello Arlene – I recently came across this video and was shocked at how this woman completely cured her moderately Autistic daughter by changing her diet. Please check it out – it comes down to removing all free glutamates from your diet, which isn’t easy, but is certainly worth the effort!

  5. Dear Sister Danna,
    I’m Mariana Carnassale. I live in Brazil. You might well remember Jay and Beathe Krüger. I’m a close friend of Beathe. She is the one who told me about you.
    Not too long ago, I realised the dress reform is much more than I had followed. I greatly changed my way of dress, then. But now I would really, really like to talk to someone as to get practical ideas of things to sew. I’d like to talk about ways to practice the principles I’ve learned (e.g.: how to completely cover the body, wear only loose clothes and still match and be neat? How about jumpers? How about the shoes and the socks/stockings matching with the rest of the dress?).
    I would appreciate if you could help me. I could call you by Skype (preferable) or by phone. If none of these are good for you, than we could email each other. But, please, know that I understand and respect if this will not be possible for you.
    I already thank you.
    (Feel free not to publish this comment, if you find it better not to.)
    In the blessed hope,

  6. Danna, we watched your video on Youtube about Diatomaceous Earth. (We also watched others). You were very informative. Thank you. We have been taking DE for over 2 weeks now. We are using Red Lake brand from Tractor Supply Company. It has calcium bentonite in it as well. It is food grade. We have researched calcium bentonite. It is a clay which also acts as a detoxifier. Here is the issue: My husband has been having pimples come up on his body for about a week. We were wondering if you think that it is just a symptom of detoxification. Have you heard of anyone else having similar effects? We are very healthy people. (No doctors or prescriptions or alcohol or tobacco, and very little junk food.) Please let us know what you you think. Thank you. God bless you and yours in the name of Jesus, The Healer.

    1. HI R&G,
      Thank you for your comments and encouragement. Yes, I have experienced and heard of others who experience the pimples when taking the DE. Seems odd, I know, but it is not uncommon. We use DE from EarthWorksHealth and find it more palatable than the one w/clay in it, though the clay mixture will not harm you one bit. Just be sure to drink lots of water!
      Danna G.

  7. Hi I just stumbled upon your website and find it very interesting but I would like to know if your group is apart of the seventh day adventist church or are you adventist who have separated from the church?

  8. Hi Danna,
    My husband and I recently saw the videos of Titus Morris from your site and also one from Eastward Missionary College where he addressed young men, challenging them to purity of life.
    We would like to ask if one has been done challenging young women in a similar way – to remain pure, including how they dress – holy women, who fear the Lord. If not, could you please consider doing one?
    Thank you,
    God bless,

    1. Hi Ruth,
      Thank you for your kind remarks regarding our videos! YES! We have done a three part series entitled “Let Me Think”, where I address these issues. You may find it on our web page in the index side bar, or on our Youtube channel by searching for “Let Me Think Danna Gesellchen”. God bless you!

  9. Dear sister Danna
    I was wondering how i can get the medical missionary books or natural remedies. Do you still have some? Please let me know.
    Thank you in advance
    God bless you and your ministry.

  10. Could you please detail bit further on the content of the 500gb external hard drive from the medical missionary class, I understand the general work there, needing to know a bit more detail on the contents here.

    1. Hi–Yes, thank you for your inquiry. I was given permission by Br. Mamon to record our entire class and load it onto a hard drive for sale. What you would receive is all but a few of the introductory classes (orientation, more or less), and the devotionals. All of our discussions are on there. Classes on topics such as AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Constipation, Colonics, Basic Remedies, etc. I also add other health information I have on my external hard drive such as videos from other people, written materials, etc. The total GB of the information is well over 100. I usually put it on a 500GB external hard drive so you’d have more room to store things, but I could make it fit on a USB that has over 100GB capacity and greater portability. Hope this helps!! 🙂

  11. Hi Danna
    You do know me, i found your website by following a link of a friend that was dealing of dress reform.
    I was suspicious in the beginning but after I watch your testimony, I found a genuine person.
    I just finished to watch one of your series on you tube “Let me think” and has bean a real blessing and has changed my prospective and opened a new world.
    Now my only problem is about: There in not so much material for men’s modesty. I have bean looking also in other website and is all mainly address to woman.
    Can you or your husband help in this regard
    Do you have some material for men?
    I do not believe I dress to bed but for me is a new concept and i want to glorify God and i need to know more.
    Thank you very much
    God bless

    1. Hi Brother, My husband covers some of this in a presentation on our youtube channel called, “Bring Forth Your Witnesses”. Also, in the books I mentioned in the presentation you watched, there are sections for men. The basic principles are the covering of the limbs, the non-restrictive nature of clothing, and modesty. My husband wears loose pants with suspenders and even in the heat, wears light-weight cotton button up shirts. We do not wear shorts at all, nor anything sleeveless.
      I hope this helps you! 🙂
      Danna Gesellchen

  12. Do you have any counsel on the taking of vitamin pills and supplements? Am i wasting my money or do i need to take b complex every day? I know B12 needs to be supplied but all the others may not be?

    1. I believe you can get your B vitamins from sprouts and perhaps a few wisely chosen wild edibles if you know what you’re doing. I do take B12, but use methylcobalamin and not cyano, which is just what it sounds like…cyanide. We sell a nice B12 on our webstore.

  13. I wanted to say hello. It is nice to find out where you finally located. Jean and I pastored in West Virginia for four years, and now have been in Pa for 17 years. I wanted to ask what the RISEN Health training program was, as I had not heard of it. I would love to receive more medical missionary training. I am presently taking Thomas Jackson’s home study program, as well as Dr. Jim Sharps. If you would like to write, my email is God bless your ministry. That’s exciting. I am working, right now, to purchase a country home in WV, actually not too far from Brother Gregory. I will study your website for insight. Praying for you.

  14. Hello,
    I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and your ministry. I came across a video on YouTube and you were talking about DE. I recently started taking DE myself so I enjoy reviewing videos and articles on it. I found it funny though that as I was watching the video I was saying “Lord, she’s Adventist isn’t she!?!”. I looked up your website and there was the evidence. Praise the Lord for medical missionary work! I am also involved in medical missionary work. I belong to a group called C.H.A.T. (Community Health Advocate Trainers), we are under The Beehive Ministries. It is a privilege to be sharing health and the gospel message in Hawaii. Please keep us in prayer as well. God bless you!
    “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.”
    ??1 Corinthians? ?15:57-58

  15. Thank you so much for your encouragement!! AND prayers! Sometimes it’s too easy to look at self and get discouraged. And the need…ah! The need is so great. We must pray for workers; consecrated workers. God bless you, and have a wonderful Sabbath!

  16. I watched your video about making glutenfree bread, but I didnt hear measurements for the flour, could you send the recipe to me or give me the flour measurements? Thank you in advance.

    1. Here is the recipe for the Millet bread.
      300gr Millet flour (2 1/2 cups)
      120gr Tapioca flour (1 cup)
      80gr Flaxseed meal(1/2 cup)
      30gr Chia seed meal (about 1/4 cup)
      5 TBSP whole psyllium seed husk
      3 TBSP organic sugar
      1tsp salt
      1 1/2 TBSP instant yeast
      1/4 Cup oil do not use extra virgin olive oil
      500gr hot water  (2 cups)
      This will make 1 loaf.  Do not double the recipe.  The measurements need to be precise.
      Mix dry ingredients.  Mix oil and water then add to dry ingredients.  Set aside for 10-15 minutes then the dough will be workable.  Knead.   make into a peasant loaf (round, no pan–just on a cookie sheet) let rise 15-20 minutes and then bake in a preheated oven of 390 degrees for 45 minutes.  or you can make into rolls or sweet rolls and bake for less amount of time.
      Also check out

  17. Evening Sister Danna,
    I just watched the constipation video. In it you provide a recipe for Candoo(I think I’m getting that right). Can a nursing mother use it?

        1. Hi Edwin–A “part” in the recipe can be whatever you choose, but the recipe is large and the psyllium is one US pound, the others 1/3 pound. You can cut the recipe, but NEVER use more mayapple/mandrake than called for. Always cut it back as well. Does that make sense?

  18. Hi Danna,
    Do you recommend the use of any oils, such as organic coconut & olive oils? If so, how much should be consumed on a daily basis? What about the use of organic nut butters? Thank you?

    1. Hi Elvy,
      Thank you for your comment and questions. Yes, we recommend the use of both coconut and olive oils. Because of the healing power of coconut oil on the gut we like to recommend about 3 tsp per day for adults. This is controversial, but we find it beneficial. As for nut butters, I believe they are not quite as helpful and best limited in use. I prefer tahini because of the calcium content, and the fact that there isn’t the allergy or mold issue with peanut butter. Other nut butters I find cost prohibitive for the most part. bit occasionally use almond butter.

  19. hello
    i’ve enjoyed and learned much from the videos, thank you. and i would welcome your guidance on my spiritual journey

  20. Is there a way to find the review for the book, His Robe or Mine, by Kevin Paulson? I have done everything I can think of but haven’t been able to find anything. If there is a link or website could you let us know. Thanks

  21. Hello Miss Danna Thank you so much for the video on DE and the best part being Godly I to believe God has made something for everything in life . but when you recieve rely Got and then I will give info Thank you and God Bless

  22. Dear Donna, just recently found your ministry and also watched you on youtube. Just one question : We here in Switzerland do not have one store to buy the dresses you wear. They look comfortable, but where do you buy it ? I cannot sow and also dont have a sowingmachine. Is there a place in the US where I possibly could order it ? …..
    Wit many greetings and God bless
    Love Trudy

  23. Thank you so much Danna. I do missionnary medical work in Cameroon( central Africa) and i have a lot of people with cancer (breast cancer specialy.) Please can you tel me how to use this Poke root for cancer? I find the videos of brother Mamon very interestant but i can’t exploit them properly because of language limitations. If it is not too much i ask to you , please can you help me having those resources in writing? because in the web site of brother Mamon i don’t find them. Lord bless.?

  24. We have recently watched your YouTube video on diatomaceous earth and would like to get a copy of the materials you referenced in the video. Thank you

  25. Blessing to you,
    I watched a video by Danna Gesellchen on DE and she talked about the book titled “God’s Healing Way”. I am a senior citizen and would like to purchase one, it can be used is OK with me. Please email at with the price.
    Sabbath Keeper

  26. My father has esophagus cancer,kidney, pancreas cancer. They gave him weeks to live. He’s not in any pain but discomfort in his esophagus due to he has a tracheotomy. He’s been spitting up some blood. He’s on a liquid diet only. I’ve been performing natueal treatments on him. He has no tumors just internal cancer. We did the steam baths and doing the fever bath and foot baths and some poltices and drinking herbal teas along with walking. I need to see if there’s anything else I can do. Maria

  27. Is your property in Kentucky still for sale? If it is, can you please forward me the info, or if you know of any acreage properties for sale, can you alert me, we are looking. God bless you, under 220,000…we are two families..

  28. Dear Danna
    I just want to thank you firstly for such wonderful messages that you have made by the grace of God
    I have watched you for many years.Blessings too for your seven years marriage to such a lovely man I watched your memories today.
    I will keep this short even though I want to say so much .
    We live in Australia on a farm for 30 years and God has not stopped placing on my heart the need of people needing skills like gardening and orchard care as well as home cooking
    I was wondering if you would mind discussing with me some ideas how to start
    There are a few Adventist’s in my isolated areas but none are doing this.
    As many are coming out of the cities at present God keeps speaking to me there is a real need to skill them.
    If you have any thoughts that could help it would be much appreciated.You might know some Australians already doing this as well I could get in contact with.
    Blessings to you sister

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