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  1. Congratulations on your journey through life and eternity. Reading your Goal set forth, is an up hill battle with the devil himself. WE know by scripture, see my comments on a previous note left on your site, the devil has a short time adn He will even dig his heels in and fight harder to win, taking all with him that he can, Matt tells us the path is wide that the majority will be on and feww will find the narrow path. See Morris Vendons utube preenttion on Rightousness by Faith. You know it is only a relationship with Jesus that will take us to heaven. Few will develop that realtionship. Wishing you the best in your work, Soul Salvation, what a priviledge it is, My self am a Bible Study presenter adn love the people I meed. I know it is a struggle for most of them walking with Jesus daily. I pray your vision in this area will enlighten you and your efforts in athe struggle that only few will put their effots too and mean it! Make an appointment with me to meet at the feet of Jesus on the first day of Eternity, 6 am where we all will start the day with Jesus in Song and praise. See you there!!!
    ps do you answer these messages, post them? I wanted a reply form the first message regards EGW comment about the delay of christs coming. See my response to that position.

    1. Yes, Brother Conrad, I do reply. And, I did reply on the web page to your first comment as well. I do also pray we will all be faithful and meet at the feet of Jesus very soon! God bless! Danna

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