Dutch Oven Cooking with Becky Buller

Dutch Oven Cooking with Becky Buller

Perhaps it seems strange for a video on Dutch Oven Cooking to be on our web page.  However, given our goal, it is quite natural.  We are in the process of starting a school in order to help God’s people learn to transition from city to country living.   An aspect of our training includes preparation for the time when we must “flee to the wilderness”.  Perhaps we won’t be running with our Dutch Ovens, but there will be a time just prior to that when a knowledge of how to use the Dutch Oven will be quite useful.

This is almost the last of the footage of a weekend of meetings we had with Jim and Becky Buller here in Kentucky.  Here, Becky explains how to “season” and care for cast iron and demonstrates how to use it as well.

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