2 thoughts on “Excellent Response to David Gates

  1. We are now very near the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I am very thankful for what Pastor David Gates shared. Even if nothing happens in the spring of 2019, there was enough that happened in 2015 that we should all be taking heed. The signs are all around us and I am glad that there are men Like Pastor Gates that are not afraid to stand up and blow the trumpet with a certain sound! I for one am thankful for what he is doing and I am not impressed with Elder Mark Finley, David House, or others that want to put down the message or the messenger. This world is winding down and it is truly “Even at the Door”! Praise God for Pastor David Gates, Pastor Linn Bryson, Pastor Arthur Branner, and Pastor Marc Chambers who realize the nearness of time! May God bless you in your ministry and keep looking up, Jesus is coming soon!

    1. While I disagree with Br. Gates and also Br. Branner, I DO appreciate the fact that it has caused many of God’s professed people to shake off the dust from their brains and Bibles and study!!

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