Fall Family Camp Meeting!!!

Fall Family Camp Meeting!!!

For many reasons, we believe everyone needs to learn about natural remedies!  We want to invite you to our Fall Family Camp Meeting here at Closure for Jesus Farm in Liberty, Kentucky.  The camp meeting starts on September 20 and runs through the 23, 2018.  Walt Cross will be our keynote speaker.

Meetings begin on Thursday evening at 7PM EDT, and we will have lots of hands-on training on Friday morning after a lecture on hydrotherapy by Tony and Nora Ricono!  We will divide into groups and work through stations where participants can learn different natural treatments first hand.  We are also working to provide children’s meetings, though those are still “under construction”.  On Friday evening Kalon Gesellchen will present, “Why Natural Remedies?”.

Sunday morning we will wrap up camp meeting with a talk on detoxing by Danna Gesellchen.  There will be some booths available as well.

No food is supplied, though if you wish to participate in a potluck haystack lunch on Sabbath please contact us for directions as to planning what you can contribute.

There are no accommodations here on the farm other than outhouses and our shower tower.  RV’s and tents are welcome, though we have no hook ups.  There is a small motel about 12 miles from here in the town of Liberty, Kentucky.

Contact us if you have questions!!

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