Fashion and Spirituality–Jorge Baute

Fashion and Spirituality–Jorge Baute

What does the way we dress have to do with our walk with Jesus?  Pastor Baute explains:

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  1. Consider the anatomy of the human body. Fine clothes that are attractive need to be non-cleaving, non-restrictive and made of good material to make a person attractive. Enough material to make the garment and no excessive cloth. When you meet a person dressed like that, you feel they are looking and talking to YOU, not trying to advertise their own body parts. Those who fee they need to advertise body parts look very self-involved to me and look stupid. Interested in self and asking for trouble like being sexually attacked. Then, their thoughts go against the normal human animal instincts. If you “touch” them, it’s YOU who are at fault, not the rediculous dresser. Got to be something wrong with a woman’s head when they have to glue their breasts to a dress to keep them from sneaking out from underneath the material and waving in the breeze. Same thing goes for men’s pants. Who’s really interested in YOUR body parts??? We have our own and want to be respected not goaded into being sexually stimulated all the time. There’s much more to life. Sex is a sacred thing between a married man and woman, and it’s been so desecrated by style.

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