How many of us gets enough fiber in our diets? Some? A few? Most? Where do you fall? Do you suffer from the lack of fiber? Do you know how much you need on a daily basis? Join us for this presentation by our friend, Linda Oswald to learn the answer to these questions and more!

One thought on “Fiber

  1. Thank you Linda, for this very informative talk on fiber! With the typical American diet that most are accustom to, I can see why this is a major problem in our society today, as I listened to this again, I thought of many of my loved ones that do not eat any fruits or veggies or VERY FEW in their daily intake and drink very little water, it scares me to think that one of them could be a number in the statistics that you shared. Diet is so crucial to our health and well being, God has showed me this time and time again. I pray that more will wake up and realize the importance of eating for their health.
    I took your advice and tallied up my intake for my daily fiber and I am doing good right now with all the bountiful harvest from the garden, I love this time of year!!! May God bless and give us all the desire to eat for our health and not for our destruction!

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