Happy July!  For us here in the United States, July is a month in which we especially celebrate freedom.  As I reflect on this, it comes to my mind that freedom wears many garbs.  One may be incarcerated, as were Paul and Silas in Acts 16:24,25.  Here the Bible describes a freedom that supersedes circumstances!  I like that.  Thrust deep into a dungeon, their feet in stocks, yet in reality, Paul and Silas were far more free than their captors!  So free, in fact, that they were singing!  WOW!  That story always inspires me.
You know, there is another kind of freedom I have discovered.  It’s kind of strange, really.  Many who look at me would think of me more in the terms of they way things appeared for Paul and Silas….bound!  But, oh no!  I am free!  I am free from the bondage of fashion!  I am free to dress as a daughter of God!  And just this week I “happened” upon a video that I want to share with you just so you can see that I am not alone.  Others have tasted this freedom, and I’d like to invite you to, “…taste and see…”
When I first was introduced to dressing modestly, I swore I’d never do it!  I’d never give up my jeans.  I was a major tom-boy and, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to sit on the floor in a dress, which I loved to do!  But the Lord prevailed.  And just in case any of you have some of the questions I’ve been asked about wearing dresses, jumpers or skirts, here are a list of things I have safely and modestly done in the above: horseback riding, garden (including weed on my hands and knees), change the oil in my car, change a tire, trim horse hooves, run a chainsaw, cool-seal the roof of our trailer (when I lived in KY), building a shed and a barn (including the roof!), ride a 4-wheeler, swim, keep warm in North Dakota (one can hide a lot under a jumper!  🙂  ), fencing, drive a tractor, run a tiller, push mow and weed-eat.  I could go on, but I think you get the picture.  In short, I can do anything I NEED to do in a dress, jumper or skirt.  And no, I don’t NEED to skydive.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Freedom!!!

  1. Are they dressing that way just for church or every day of the week? If the 2nd apply ,good on them .And for woman it’s good to know that they finally come to realize that they can change the way man look at them
    thanks it way good to watch

    1. Francois, yes! I agree w/your concern. Unless it is every day, and in all places, it is not genuine, in my book. When my husband and I are in town together and scantily clad women pass by, he turns and looks at me. He tells me what a joy and relief it is to him that I dress modestly.

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