Gardening With Horses–Titus Morris

Gardening With Horses–Titus Morris

We recently had the opportunity to visit with our friend, Titus Morris, who resides in Liberty, Kentucky.  Titus, a fellow Seventh-day Adventist, has adopted many of the ways and works among the Amish and Mennonite in his community.  At age 23, Titus has become accomplished at training as well as shoeing horses, and uses them exclusively in his family’s garden for breaking the soil, and also works for many of the Amish and Mennonite with his horses.   We believe in simple lives, and know that many are wanting to “get back to the land”, and believe this will be of interest to many.  Join us for part one of this series as Titus shows us how to harness a horse in preparation for plowing or pulling a cart.

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  1. Beautiful horses! The only horse I was ever on was when I was a small child–the cutest little Shetland pony. I know very little about caring for them except I do have an herbalist who feeds his cows and poultry lots of hot wild Mediterranean oregano and hot red pepper to keep them wormed and keep their immune systems in good shape. When horses work hard and sweat, you must need to supplement their diet with electrolytes and perhaps minerals and vitamins? They have nutritional needs just like we do. Maybe the one on the right wouldn’t eat so much if he were fed minerals like from clay and salt? It’s just a question I have that also pertains to human nutrition. Beautiful animals are so willing to help us. We need to always be aware of their needs, too. Metal tractors are cold and have no personality at all. The metal can’t respond to love like a horse can. Just thinking it over. I’m certainly no expert.

  2. Beautiful just like my mom grandmother and uncle lived in Belarus untill they had to abandon their farm was polluted by Chernobyl nuclear station. We need to help people like this in building good house for them so they can show others how simple life though hard work is better than living in city driving a stinky car to work. Titus great videos with your horses, i see you love them and earth.

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