God's Medical Kit, parts 1&2

God's Medical Kit, parts 1&2

This is the third presentation shared by Brother Mamon Wilson at our Natural Remedies Seminar here in Bismarck. You will be amazed as you watch to see what the Lord has enabled Brother Wilson to do using herbs and simple remedies. With a philosophy widely different from allopathy, Brother Wilson has successfully removed tumors from many people, and in this presentation, shares photos and video of men and women he has helped. We believe that the Lord wants to restore us and make us whole–mentally, physically and spiritually. Further, if our bodies are not healthy, our minds will not be as clear to discern truth. I don’t know about you, but I need all of my faculties intact these days!

4 thoughts on “God's Medical Kit, parts 1&2

  1. Medical missionary work brings to humanity the gospel of release from suffering. It is the pioneer work of the gospel. It is the gospel practiced, the compassion of Christ revealed. Of this work there is great need, and the world is open for it. God grant that the importance of medical missionary work shall be understood, and that new fields may be immediately entered.–Medical Ministry, p. 239
    We all meed to learn this!! God lead us, I pray!

  2. If we had only been active–those who had the gift for being good in this field of helping others- in doing things God’s way instead of following along behind the medical with their drugs! Chemical poisons that should never be administered to”manage” any disease. They never cure, but cause additional, untold suffering. I feel God would have abundantly blessed us., of we have been obedient along these lines. Our institutions for health– much bigger than EGW said they should be–wouldn’t have been taken over by the enemy. We have missed such a blessing. God will guide and prosper those who want to do things His way–even now–down here at the end of time.

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