Gospel Medical Missionary Evangelism

Gospel Medical Missionary Evangelism

Have you ever heard of a Gospel Medical Missionary?  You have if you’ve heard of Jesus.  Did you realize that Jesus spent more time healing than He did teaching and preaching?   His was a life of unselfish service and ministry to those in need, which is all of us.  And He calls us to be just like Him.  Listen to learn more:

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  1. A great presentation that makes one think why God cursed the ground after man sinned. It was for his own good. He would have to get out there and exercise, work hard, sweat, be in the sun and fresh air and even the changing elements to make a living for the family. There is nothing more healthy than this. Why Sr. White said to get out into the country. Build up the soil, grow non GMO crops, learn how to preserve them in climates that have winter. When children grow up learning these things, they can be self-sufficient. The body and mental pollution is little.
    Cities are corrupt, dirty, the air is polluted, there is not much for children to do but to get into trouble. They are constantly beholding evil.
    Man’s medicine (prompted by Satan and fulfilled by the drug companies and Babylon) has expanded a little over a hundred years ago to what it is now to include chemical poisons called drugs for every ill. We have forgotten what herbs and good hot and cold water can do using hydrotherapy. Drinking enough good, clean water every day. What value there is in doing a cleansing of the bowels and liver–something else that has been swept under the rug in favor of chemical poisons off the doctors prescription pad.
    Pollution has reached an all time high. It’s everywhere in our food due to crop dusting, insect control and genetic modification. Our soils are so depleted of natural nutrients that make plants grow and be insect free just by them being more healthy. Healthy soil yields healthy plants that are disease free. Eating them would give us the nutrients to keep us disease free.
    Our aquafers are polluted. Clean, pure water is almost a thing of the past–unless we can find a real good spring. We can go to http://www.findaspring.com It might help, but otherwise we have to distill our water to get it clean. Even rainwater is polluted now. Filters for water are costly as they have to be replaced quite often and none of them filter everything out.
    Health is, indeed, in the blood. Blood is a tissue that flows through veins and arteries bringing nutrients to the tissues and cells and taking the toxic junk away. The blood has to be pure in order to do this. Since the liver filters the blood and lymph, all kinds of toxic stuff can accumulate in the liver as well as the lymphatic system. That IS our immune system. Only moving keeps that system working right. There is no heart to pump it.
    Due to our bad eating habits, the same happens to the colon. Junk sticks to and accumulates on the walls. In order to get healthy again, we have to clean these organs out so the blood can be pure again.
    We have lost the old ways that kept us healthy. People have turned away from God and forgotten HIS medicine.
    “Come out of her my people and be not partakers of her sins” is our message. That IS the health message. You can’t separate the two. God says Babylon is responsible for all the blood shed by the saints. When God says ALL, He means ALL, so the medical missionary work and the 3 angels messages go hand in hand. We must all proclaim the truth.
    It’s so nice to have the texts to go along with why it is our responsibility to others not only to ourselves to know and practice as well as teach these things.
    So many of us have made the mistake of moving to the cities thinking it is money we need to support our families with. What a mistake! What a compromise! By doing so, we sacrifice more than we ever make for money. Money doesn’t make up for an unnatural lifestyle or the trend our families take in ignoring all that God has told us to do.
    Thanks, Kalon, you did a good job in presenting this.

  2. Excellent presentation. This is the last work and am so glad you are doing it. The world is in such a condition and need of this information. People are dying for lack of knowledge. For example cancer is rampant. Our Father in heaven does not want this for His children. The Gospel Medical Missionary is so needed for this time. Our bodies are to be temples of the Lord; our physical and spiritual self are not to be separated. Let us stop and think how that can be possible thinking about our physical health. Our Father in heaven wants that for us 3 John 2 tells us that; God’s physical desire for our health is just as great as His desire for our spiritual health.
    May we all make this a matter of prayer, and answer the call because seeing and hearing this message is to let you know that you have been chosen. The true object of education is to restore the image of God in the soul; to add to that “God’s purpose in giving the 3rd angel’s message to the work is to prepare a people to stand true to Him during the investigative judgment. “This is the purpose for which we establish and maintain our publishing houses, our schools, our sanitariums, our hygienic restaurants, treatment rooms and food factories. This is our purpose in carrying forward every line of work in the cause”. MS 154 1902 p4
    This medical missionary work will add a dimension to our spiritual life that will lift us higher. Thank you for making this appeal.

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