How to make Lotion–Danna Gesellchen

How to make Lotion–Danna Gesellchen

We believe in total health and in giving people tools with which to make good healthcare decisions.  With more and more chemicals being added to our environment people are making decisions to do things for themselves that perhaps they’ve never done before.  Since our blog/webpage and our youtube channel are all about helping people physically, mentally and spiritually, we want to give tools to help in all of these areas.  As such, we would like to share this video on how to make your own lotion.  Enjoy!  🙂

9 thoughts on “How to make Lotion–Danna Gesellchen

  1. I wwould like another gluten free bread recipe. All recipes I’ve tried make heavy bread that isn’t good.
    I would love to see and taste the vegan butter.
    Thank you for all you do!

  2. Gluten free bread is even better since I take care of a young girl who is on a gluten free diet. With vegan butter on top, it sounds like a winner! 🙂

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