Introducing our new Logo!

Introducing our new Logo!


We recently had a logo designed for the ministry and what we teach.  We want to take a moment to explain what each symbol represents.  Of course, the leaves of the open book represent the Bible as the foundation of what we teach.  In the lower left there are grain heads, representing both natural remedies and agriculture.  In the lower right, firewood, representing country living.  Center you will see two mountain peaks, representing wilderness survival and the wonders of the book of nature.  Overarching all is the messages of the three angels found in Revelation 14, showing that these messages are the capstone of present truth.
We believe if men and women everywhere are prepared in these areas, they will be prepared to bring Closure for Jesus in His suffering on account of sin.  Those three angels point the way into the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary, where Christ is presently ministering for us.  He can end that work if we, in all areas of our lives, will prepare ourselves to cooperate with Him.  In the coming new year, it is our prayer that God will help us to intelligently cooperate with Him that we may bring Closure for Jesus!  God bless each of you!

6 thoughts on “Introducing our new Logo!

  1. I see a book, 3 angels, a mountain, and different plants but isn’t Closure for Jesus about Jesus? Please don’t think I’m bashing the logo or anything because all of the things on there are good and necessary for us to do but every one of those things on that logo are absolutely useless without an actual relationship with Jesus Christ and the only mention he seems to get is the first angel. Without Him those other things will bear no fruit and we will be useless to our Master and Saviour whose heart isbroken on account of our wickedness that we’ve done to Him.

    1. Thank you for your honest assessment. A correct understanding of the three angel’s messages would clarify any confusion. The three angel’s messages are the message of justification by faith. Jesus cannot return until He has a people ready to fully receive both justification and sanctification–ie, the three angel’s messages in their fullness. We are also told that the third angel’s message points directly into the most holy place, where Jesus is suffering on account of our sin…still.

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