Today, quite “out of the blue”, I got a call from a young man I’ve known for about 7 years. When I met this young man I noted a strength and zeal in him that is rare these days. But he began to veer into false doctrine and my heart was terribly grieved. I studied to know how to help him, and shared evidences I’d found. It seemed that, like some horses I’d worked with in years passed, this bright prospect “took the bit”, stiffened his neck and ran headlong into error. I knew a crash was ahead!! All I could do was leave him with Jesus and pray.

Through the years we would happen to see him here and there. At each meeting I would strain my senses for any sign of repentance and humility. None. Pray some more…and wait.

But today!! Today that call came. He’s come back. God has broken through, and this bright young man humbly thanked me for seeds I’d planted so long ago. Someone had watered, and now I was privileged to see the harvest of repentance and have a prayer together that the Lord would renew both of our hearts and fix our decision in Christ.

This, my friends, is why I am in ministry. This is joy.

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