JR Cofer speaks on Hastening!

JR Cofer speaks on Hastening!

This morning as I was working, I listening to this brother speaking on hastening the coming of Christ.  I got so excited I just had to share this with you all!  Bless the Lord!  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “JR Cofer speaks on Hastening!

  1. Hallelujah, Yes the hastening of the second coming, the fulfillment of the kingdom of God in glory, is an increasingly significant theme. Expect it to swell to a loud cry as we approach the climax of the ages. Those who deny this message will lose their hold on salvation – because they are refusing to make the advance steps in uniting with Christ. Those who focus on the ‘It is all about Christ’ aspect of salvation may easily ignore the balancing truth ‘it costs all you have and are’. As James points out so poignantly, a declaration of faith without documentation of that faith in our deeds is to be lost. We are neither criticizing nor condemning when we point out these truths, we are warning so none need be lost. Be not surprised when you meet opposition in this message; since it is a key to life eternal Satan is beclouding it. We are not labeling anyone a Satanist when we point out that they are doing the work of Satan; we are warning them of their sure doom unless they repent. If we expect to be an effective witness we must make our own calling and election sure by bringing every thought and deed into captivity of Christ. It is through a consistent Christian life that we most effectively witness. Thank you for continuing to encourage and uplift Heaven’s truth.

  2. Praise God for this wonderful message to help us to be ready for His soon return. I thank Jesus for His wonderful gift of forgiveness! To have the ability to forgive those who have caused harm and hurt to us through the power of the Holy Spirit, and to be able, pray for them in sincerity, to love them and desire this same freedom and forgiveness to come to them is truly being set free!
    Thank you Danna for this message, what a timely one for you as you face these challenges you are going through now.
    God Bless!

    1. Praise the Lord! It is only by allowing this experience in our hearts that we CAN hasten the coming of Jesus. Truly, He is waiting for us to accept the gift of repentance and true forgiveness. God bless! Danna

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