M.E.N.D. Your Ways

M.E.N.D. Your Ways

So much is happening these days.  Everyone knows there’s plenty of bad news.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad news in the churches today as well.  Apostasy.  Backsliding.  Gossip.  Compromise.  What should the Christian’s attitude be towards these issues? And what should our attitude be towards those who are in the wrong in God’s church?   And what needs to happen in our hearts and lives in order for us to handle these issues as God would have us?  This presentation looks at the lives of four men in the old testament in an attempt to ascertain how the Lord thinks about the questions above.

May each of us to “come up to the help of the Lord”, and to the help of our brethren…and even to the help of our enemies.  And may we allow the Lord to do in our hearts what is necessary so that we can.

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