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  1. I didn’t realize that there was a difference between abiding-relationship and abiding-surrender until sister Margaret stated it as plainly as she did. Surrender is the missing ingredient in many churches. A person can do all the prayer and Bible study they want but if there is no surrender then what benefit is it to do those things? Rather than be a standard to ourselves or making other people our standard; Jesus needs to be our standard. Like Judy said, we’ve got to let Jesus fight our battles rather than entrusting our salvation to ourselves but only by surrendering and actively doing whatever He asks of us do we not interfere with that process.

  2. The truth is, as stated, that total surrender is the important aspect. Paraphrasing EGW, justification by faith does not take place until there is a full surrender of the heart. As Steps to Christ tells us, we are to even ask God to take our hearts, because we cannot give them. Surrender is a choice we make, but the experience of surrender, as in every aspect of the Christian experience, is a gift through righteousness of Christ, by faith. Surrender to the impossibility of you surrendering in the absolute sense, for it is not I, but Christ, who lives in me. As you look to Jesus, and see the beauty matchless charms of His character, His surrender, desire out of reality of need for such and experience, and “faithful is He who called you, who also will do it.” Do your part, but never forget, “it is the gift of God.” God bless

  3. Sis. Davis has presented here truths so plainly and clearly. I am so grateful for this truth! May a God help us to hav that victory that can only come through Jesus Christ.

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