Ministry Update and Thanksgiving

Ministry Update and Thanksgiving

Days are much shorter now, and the air is crisp.  Heavy frosts linger in our valley until mid-morning, and the fire in the wood cook stove in our home is very welcome!  We are diligently trying to get the house ready to move in before the end of the year, Lord willing.  It’s exciting to think that we could begin meetings very soon!
God has abundantly blessed us this year, and our hearts are full of gratitude.  We closed on the farm Aug. 11, and here, less than 4 months later, we are dried in and more on both our home and the ministry building.  The garden has its first amendments, and the blueberries are planted. So much to be thankful for!  We are thankful for the strength to labor, for the helping hands of friends, for the delicious greens we’re eating from our own garden!!, and so many more!
At this Thanksgiving season, we want to thank each of you for your continued prayers and support, and pray the Lord will bless you abundantly for helping forward His work.  We also want to take this opportunity to lay some current needs before you and ask you to consider helping us with one of these needs.  I will list some of our most pressing needs below with an estimated cost.  If you would like to pick one of these needs to sponsor either in part or entirely, please contact us.  Donations may also be made via our paypal donate button on this page.

  1. While we will soon have heat in the ministry building, we have no ceiling, and the roof is vented.  Much of the heat will escape!  We need: a) the metal for the ceiling ($1,300), b) insulation for either just the ceiling ($800), or c) the entire building ($1,700).
  2. Lumber for wall framing ($900)
  3. Wiring and small solar system for lights ($4,000)
  4. Water Well, ($2,500)
  5. Hand Water Pump for well ($1,700)
  6. Entry Ramp for those with disabilities ($2,000)
  7. Seating.  We only have 15 folding chairs right now.  Benches or chairs.  I guess a price on this is dependent on what option is pursued.

While there are more needs, these are the ones that are most pressing.  Meetings are already in the planning for next Spring, but we really would like to get started sooner, even if it’s only short meetings.  We could rent porta-potties if need be for now, but are considering “outdoor facilities of another kind” as well.  We also want to get some IBC water tanks for outdoor showers for camp-meetings.  McKee Bakery, I am told, sells food grade tanks for $60.  We would need at least 1/2 dozen of those.
We know that the Lord is coming soon.  We need to do all we can to educate God’s people!!  We have invested all we have in the establishment of this, as our Mennonite friends call it, Heilen Schul–Healing School.  They left us a note on one of the floor joists asking God’s blessing on our work.  Will you pray for this too?heilen-schul

3 thoughts on “Ministry Update and Thanksgiving

  1. I am glad to hear this. I remember the last time I was with taking the prayer request from kalon that God would guide in the finding of a farm. It looks as though HE has. I hope to see all again soon. May God lead you.

  2. That’s a lot of money, but the Lord doesn’t need money to make things happen. Of course, as long as I have the breath of life, I will pray for your endeavors. Even so COME Lord Jesus and take us home! May we be faithful so He can seal us, then He will come and get us.

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