Psalm 118:5-7, 17&18–Danna Gesellchen

Psalm 118:5-7, 17&18–Danna Gesellchen

Most of us have those times when it seems like everything is going to cave in on us.  It is in moments like those that I find such comfort in turning to the Psalms, and I believe Jesus did too!  Think about the scenes on Calvary and how what was happening to Jesus was so clearly depicted in places like Psalm 22.  This is why I believe Jesus had immersed Himself in the promises contained in this precious book of the Bible.  The music for this Scripture song was written by my dear friend, Dawn Jenkins, several years ago when she was going through a difficult time.  I pray someone will be encouraged!

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  1. If I remember correctly, this happened at Jaycee where Dennis Miller came and spoke. I still get goosebumps both from the frigid air we had at that time and from the straight truth that was spoken those two nights. Not to mention all of the scripture songs we were able to sing. I think the best part though was seeing so many of our brothers and sisters in Christ come together to hear a guy preach what the Holy Spirit was laying on his heart and sing heart lifting melodies to God. Whenever I read Sister White and the pioneers’ descriptions of pre 1844 and the consecrated attitudes they had, my mind comes back to that meeting 2 years ago.

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