Rejuvelac–Homemade Probiotics!

Rejuvelac–Homemade Probiotics!

My husband and I are attending medical missionary school in Tennessee this month and want to share part of what we are learning with you.   One of our classmates, Taasha Francis, demonstrated how to make Rejuvilac.   If you’re like me, and have never heard of this, please take the time to watch this very informative presentation.   But even if you have heard of it, this presentation is very thorough to show what Rejuvilac can do for those who suffer from digestive issues and need help with digestive enzymes, Vitamin B12, and probiotics.   The Lord’s ways of healing are very simple and very affordable!
The farmer across the way had just hit the power pole with his tractor and knocked out our power, so the lighting isn’t the greatest, but this is still a very valuable presentation!

2 thoughts on “Rejuvelac–Homemade Probiotics!

  1. I was so blessed by this new to me information on Rejuvelac because I had been searching for natural ways to add good bacteria in my gut…acidophilus was becoming expensive to buy. I had a question about what Brother Wilson said about once you clean the body and add good bacteria through rejuvelac he mentions something about feeding the good bacteria to multiply it. Can you please explain more on the tofu/soybean milk that one can use to do that…
    Thank you

    1. I believe the suggestion referred to is to use the “whey” that’s left over from making homemade soymilk or tofu. The procedure is to implant the whey via a retention enema. Another way to multiply your flora is by doing garlic implants. The procedure is to blend 2 cloves of garlic with 4-6 ounces of water, strain and use liquid as a retention enema. It’s best to do the retention enema after the bowels have been cleared.

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