Restoration: The Most Holy Place Experience

Restoration: The Most Holy Place Experience

This is the final study in the Restoration series, and “today’s headlines” could reasonably be used as the title.   As we study the earthly sanctuary, we are, according to Hebrews 9, studying a reflection of the heavenly.   Perhaps few people truly understand why Jesus is called our “high priest”, let alone what that means.   In this study we will discover these truths, as well as our responsibility right now, today, in the light of them.   There is a little clip towards the end of the study from the earthquake in Haiti in 2011.   It’s very interesting, and full of analogies for our predicament and that of Jesus.   Watch.  Listen carefully.   I pray  you will  grow in your understanding of the power of your personal choices and what those choices could mean to Jesus.

Do I sin? Oh, everyday! Why, is there…some other way?
You don’t expect that actually, from all my sins I should be free?
That’s a promise for by and by…like, the close of probation, or when I die!
‘Sides, what in heaven would Jesus do, if He wasn’t forgiving me and you?
The pastor said the other day that leaders would fall (bless his soul). We’re only human after all.
If sin trips them up so easily, hey, what do you expect from me?
I just keep tryin’, keep my sins confessed, so then I’m assured of righteousness!
It’s a shame how much confusion there’s been, over this matter of grace and sin.
Look, God’s soooo good. He makes no fuss! Since His eyes are on Jesus, not us!
The victory is faith, which keeps you covered, so none of your sins are ever discovered.
And when it’s time to blot them out? Just trust His grace! Don’t never doubt!
I rest my case now. I’ve been forgiven. Jesus is mine and so it heaven!
April 2003, Dawn Jenkins

8 thoughts on “Restoration: The Most Holy Place Experience

  1. Thank you Danna for this powerful message. Very moving!
    Would you post that poem that you gave, so I can copy, paste and print it off please.
    Thank you so much again, the Lord has a work to do, may we all be cooperative, I pray!
    God bless,

  2. Julie and I,both had an encounter with the power of the Holy Spirit while viewing this.Thank you Jesus for working through this powerful ministry.Continue to bless and empower Danna and Kalen,I pray.

  3. I am amazed. Either Dawn had unusual insight in 2003 OR I was living with that attitude then and truly was none the wiser. God is so patient and the Holy Spirit, so painstakingly long suffering. So grateful and humbled by it all.

    1. Likely both, Linda. Dawn was a very strong woman of the Word who walked closely with Jesus. Also, the Lord tells us in Revelation 3 what our condition is. The problem is that we don’t believe it. Yes, He is patient & long-suffering. Let us always remember the “suffering” part of that second adjective. He suffers as we delay to surrender. “Open my eyes that I may see…”

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