2 thoughts on “Revelation's Sanctuary Theme–Dr. McNulty

  1. What a refreshing message. And yes there are two versions of Adventism under one Administration today. May we wake up because the shaking is soon to come. God knows when this will come, we do not. So if we are playing politics or not a serious Seventh Day Adventist Christian; as a long time, grew up in this movement or brand new to this message let us get in the book of Revelation and see Jesus’ job description. Not only that but Jesus is moving His work along are we following Him? Do I tend to not think about this because it is easy to think it is all done at the cross, I just need to believe and I am in. Or do I have the patience of the saints, am I obedient to His counsel and Do I have the Faith of Jesus? Have I accepted the 3 angels messages myself?
    This message has helped me move toward the right side of this Great Controversy by reminding me of Jesus more in HIs work now and I can see Him work in Revelation looking at the 7 churches, the 7 seals, the 7 trumpets and the 3 angels message as He works today; it has put me on my toes so to speak. Jesus is not just standing still waiting for us to decide and get on board; He is moving toward the goal. And the goal my dear sisters and brothers is Christ in you the hope of glory. Looking at myself now today I don’t see that glory revealed. I have to decide seriously determined to live accordingly to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. This great controversy is very real and the sanctuary shows us the way; thank God the pioneers saw the sanctuary that had been hidden for so long. So we could actually see Christ in each part of HIs work on our behalf. When they saw the sanctuary even their eyes were opened astonished. They saw the pillars of the sanctuary; the sanctuary is the central pillar, state of the death, health message, Righteousness of Christ, spirit of prophecy, the law of God and victory over sin. Christ is working His part for His people are HIs people following HIs work daily and examining ourselves in relation to Jesus the Master and making necessary changes to align our life up with Him and His work, letting Him work in us?
    Oh dear Lord may this truth permeate our thoughts and heart And live in obedience to every word of God. God help me, God help us in our decision today right now this very minute because “today is the day of salvation.”

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