Sanctuary 101, part 3

Sanctuary 101, part 3

Continuing in our series on the sanctuary services, this is part three.   In this study, Kalon covers the cleansing of the sanctuary, as taught by the typical services described in the book of Leviticus.    As we study the sanctuary, or tabernacle, which the Lord directed Moses to make, and in which Aaron ministered, we can understand the ministry of Christ on our behalf.   We can also understand what this means for us today.  What is Jesus doing now?   What do we need to be doing?   Join us as we continue to study the basics of the sanctuary services.

2 thoughts on “Sanctuary 101, part 3

  1. Excellent presentation of the sanctuary Kalon, I appreciate the clarity and the visuals, makes it so easy to understand.
    Thank you and God bless you all for sharing these with us!!

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