Songs of Deliverance!

Songs of Deliverance!

…as a child...
…as a child…

In Psalm 32:7 we find this phrase: “…Thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance.”  I have found, and so have others, that often, when tempted, one of these scripture songs will “pop” into my mind.  I believe this is part of why hiding the Word in our hearts is so important.  It is so “that I might not sin against Thee.”   Consider this:  “Let praise and thanksgiving be expressed in song.  When tempted, instead of giving utterance to our feelings, let us by faith lift up a song of thanksgiving to God…Song is a weapon that we can always use against discouragement.”  {RH, June 2, 1910} To  this end:

6 thoughts on “Songs of Deliverance!

  1. Danna, Thank you for putting this on your web site.It brings me to tears each time I watch it and sing with you.My heart is “Home sick” for all of you and the ” Holy Spirit” filled time we had together that weekend.May God abundantly bless you and your powerful ministry. Love you all,Jeanne

  2. Whenever I am feeling a little lonely for Christian fellowship, this is a good place to turn. Thank you so much for this. I miss and love you all. I am ready to take on the day 🙂

  3. Hey, Danna ~
    This just blesses my heart. It brings back the memories from our wonderful fellowship that we shared that short weekend up there in Bismarck… God is so good to us, and it is just awesome that we can sing His promises back to Him! The word of God is so powerful, and it just seems to penetrate my heart that much more when singing His praises like you are doing in this short clip! (Wish it were longer! 🙂
    Love and miss you guys~

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