Take Time To Be Holy-Ron Meinhardt

Take Time To Be Holy-Ron Meinhardt

We recently had the privilege of attending the camp meeting at Nature’s Retreat in Middle River, Minnesota.  What a blessing!  The singing was with exuberance, the testimonies with excitement, the messages with conviction.  We are refreshed, and we wanted to share the blessing with you.  Ron Meinhardt presented parts of several seminars he has available on DVD at his web site, www.healthislife.org.  Here is one of the morning devotionals Ron shared.  I don’t know what he calls it, but I call it “Take Time to be Holy.”  We need to do just that!  Enjoy:

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  1. Truly a blessing, was this message.

    Thank you for sharing with us this cup of living water that our Lord quenched your thirst with, this past weekend as you partook in this camp meeting.

    I know I have heard this brother before, I am thinking it may have been on Amazing Discoveries website, but not sure.

    God bless!!

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