One thought on “The Emerging Church-Steve Wohlberg

  1. Thank you Steve, and thank you, Danna, for posting this.
    Key statement is found in the last text Steve has quoted–John 8:32. The truth comes first, then the experience.
    There is an emerging church who is coming back to obedience to the commandments of God and will have the faith of Jesus ina world falling apart around them. Those who are coming back to the doctrines on the bible. Who serve God out of love, not legalism. Those who proclaim the 3 angel’s messages. Babylon IS fallen. Those who are coming out of Babylon and will not partake of her sins. The pure bride of Christ who lives by “thus sayeth the Lord” rather than “what do YOU THINK.”? OR what is your spiritual experience before you found the Lord?
    We can’t think without knowing what Jesus says, and that, my friends, to me, is doctrine that sets us apart as a peculiar church. “Peculiar” in the eyes of the world, those who will accept the pure teachings of the bible and live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of Lord –NOT the devil with his mysticism and lies, and are completely separated from the doctrines of devils. TY.

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