The Grief of God: What More Could He Do?

The Grief of God: What More Could He Do?

Chosen by God to be a light to the world, to spread the knowledge of  salvation from the only true God, Israel failed again and again in the accomplishment of their purpose. Through prophet after prophet, the Lord labored to direct His nation aright, and prophet after prophet was rejected, labeled, sawn asunder, imprisoned and scorned.   What more could God do?  His people consistently refused His every overture.  How His great heart of love grieved as He had to allow them to go into captivity and ultimately to destruction. THEY were a vagabond bunch, weren’t THEY?    Well, yes, they were.  But as our study in this update will show, THEY, THEM, is US.  It’s ME.   Listen and see…

5 thoughts on “The Grief of God: What More Could He Do?

  1. Excellent! Come on my brothers and sisters let’s get in alignment with the message of God for this time in earths history so we can go home to heaven. Don’t you want to see Jesus face to face, I sure do. May the Lord be first best and last in our lives as we courageously live for Him. Jesus has been waiting for a long time to be with us. Are you home sick? Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true, with thanksgiving I’ll be a living sanctuary Lord for you.

  2. Excellent study, I love that last part that Jesus needs our cooperation before He comes again, when before He did not need it to move forward in His great plan. What an eye opener !!! Lord, help us to surrender and cooperate with you, so we can go home soon, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

  3. Oh! Danna what an awesome Sabbath lesson.
    There was much I had not heard before.
    I wish you would come into the class in the Fellowship Hall
    that I attend. Oh! so muvh is missing, the very words of God and what they mean.
    God Bless You

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