The Power of Music in the End of the World

The Power of Music in the End of the World

As one pauses to consider the use of music throughout history it takes very little time to realize its impact on our minds.   Further, even a quick review of the use of music in Bible history reveals its impact on the soul of man.  Consider with me:  at creation the heavenly hosts burst into song (Job 38:4-7 and Desire of Ages, 769);  at the crossing of the Red Sea by the children of Israel there were songs of praises (Exodus 15:1-21);  at the birth of Christ the angels filled the air with praise (Luke 1:13-14);   when Jesus was resurrected the angels once again sang praises (Psalm 24:7-10);  in heaven, there will be those who will sing the “song of Moses and the Lamb.”  (Revelation 15:3);  even during our exile here on earth, we are admonished to, and it is prophesied that we will,  sing! (Isaiah 24:14-16).
It also takes very little brain effort to grasp the “progress” of music to greater and greater levels of obscenity and destructiveness.  In the condensed music seminar I have chosen to share in this blog, Christian Berdahl, of Shepherd’s Call Ministry,  reveals the agenda of the devil in the use of music to destroy men and women all over the world.  This presentation was made at ASI last year, and is an overview of his 12 hour seminar, wherein he goes into far greater detail.
What does this have to do with a delay in or hastening Christ’s coming?  What does this have to do with meeting the heart needs of our Creator?  What does this have to do with you and with me?  Watch and see…

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  1. this was the best ever talk on music I ever heard.
    in the 12h presentation doe’s he talk on SDA music by SDA musician ??
    thanks for your reply
    God bless your ministry

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