The Sabbath and Sanctification–Lincoln Steed

The Sabbath and Sanctification–Lincoln Steed

A friend of mine shared this sermon with me and I think it is one of the finest sermons I have heard lately about the reason for the delay in Christ’s return, and our failure as a people to cooperate with Him.

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  1. Danna, Lincoln Steed is truly a man after God’s own heart.
    At a recent Campmeeting, I witnessed him being publicly reprimanded for stating a fact that the particular conference president/moderator of a round table discussion did not want stated for fear it would offend “95 % of the ministers of this particular conference who support women’s ordination.”
    Mr. Steed, for a moment looked surprised by the public scolding, but graciously accepted it without retaliation or self defense.
    Therefore, I understand when he states that our own church does not have a clue where we stand in time and most certainly not the importance of asking God to make us holy and cooperating with Him in that process.
    By another prominent speaker that same weekend we were admonished not to be worrying about the signs of these end times because “we could die tomorrow”, and that would usher in the second coming for that person. His point was that our larger focus needs to be on Jesus. This is so true, but when I focus on Jesus, His creation, and what He’s done for me I #1 Can’t help but think about His 2nd coming and #2. want my family and friends to know and love Him and be ready for His appearing – whether or not we are alive at the time or called forth from the grave!
    I personally am undone and in need of His saving, changing power.
    I am refreshed and grateful for the Lincoln Steeds of this world. I liked his statement that we are not as much a church as we are a movement. We’d bess get MOVING and comfort others with the news that Jesus does love them and is coming soon!!!

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