The Testimony of Jesus

The Testimony of Jesus

Jesus and Bible I remember as a child whenever a missionary or someone new to the church was scheduled to “give their  testimony”, I always got excited.   My attention was riveted as scene after scene unfolded, embellished by my vivid imagination.   When someone gives their testimony, as we know, they are sharing their past experiences of life.   Listeners are granted a window into the past activities and emotions of the speaker, often punctuated with moments of tension or joy.   Have  you ever thought about this in the light of Bible passages such as Revelation 12:17, where we are told that there will be, in earth’s final scenes, a group of people who HAVE the testimony of Jesus?   What can that mean?   This is the topic I would like to investigate with  you this time.   The following video was a study I shared recently here in North Dakota.   I pray it will be a blessing to you.

3 thoughts on “The Testimony of Jesus

  1. Praise the Lord! Thank you Danna for allowing God to use you to deliver such a powerful message. Oh, it is my hearts deepest desire to glorify God in all that I think, say and do. I want so much to do His will and see Him when He comes in the clouds of glory. Thank you again for this timely message! It was truly a blessing.

  2. This was an absolute wake up call. Jesus is waiting for His bride to make herself ready, she still is not ready and for the most it does not appear she is even trying. This is an individual work and messages like this hold the mirror to our face. Jesus has and is doing all He can and what am I doing? Am I going to be serious with my walk of not?

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