Titus Morris–Plow and Disc

Titus Morris–Plow and Disc

Why are we sharing gardening videos on our website?  And why are we sharing videos about using horses in the garden on our website?  What does this have to do with seeking closure for Jesus?  What does this have to do with hastening His return, or ending His pain?  EVERYTHING!  When God made us in the beginning, He placed us in a garden.  We believe that it is in the garden, perhaps more than anywhere else, that the Lord can really speak to our hearts and teach us.  Think of Christ’s object lessons of the sower and the seed!  When we are in the garden, the Holy Spirit can take the lesson of the seed and really bring it home to our hearts.  Further, with what is happening in the world today, it behooves us all to learn to grow our own food!

We believe it would do us all good to slow down, get our hands in the soil, and listen…

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