"…to put down the rebellion."

"…to put down the rebellion."

“There is a grand rebellion in the earthly universe. Is there not a great leader of that rebellion? Is not Satan the life and soul of every species of rebellion which he himself has instigated? Is he not the first great apostate from God? A rebellion exists. Lucifer revolted from his allegiance and makes war on the divine government. Christ is appointed to put down the rebellion. He makes this world His battlefield. He stands at the head of the human family. He clothes His divinity with humanity and He passes over the ground where Adam fell and endures all the assaults of Satan’s temptations, but He does not yield in a single instance.” Volume 4, Bible Commentary, page 1163.4

In my morning quiet time I read this passage in conjunction with studying Ezekiel 28.  Honestly, I couldn’t get much past one sentence in that paragraph above.  “Christ is appointed to put down the rebellion.”  To put down the rebellion!  Lucifer had rebelled in heaven, claiming no need for law and rising against reproof–he could be righteous on his own merits.  Sound familiar among us today?

It was Lucifer’s contention that angels were good enough and needed no one–especially not Jesus–to tell them right from wrong!   We know that war broke out right in heaven itself!!   Angels fought, Jesus fought, and Lucifer was cast out along with those he’d deceived.  That rebellion was continued here on earth and the entire human race, in the loins of our first parents, sided with Satan in his rebellion.  But that sentence just grips me…”Christ is appointed to put down the rebellion.”

How did He do that on this earth?  Take a look at this photo:

Jesus putting down the rebellion.
Jesus…putting down the rebellion.

This photo is of Jesus in Gethsemane putting down the rebellion; denying His longing not to have to bear the weight of sin and suffer its consequences–submitting to the will of His Father.  Denying the very desire to LIVE–being willing to be blotted out of existence!!  We like to think of putting down rebellion in terms maybe of a commanding, sword-wielding, shield-bearing warrior.  But this is not the way Jesus fought.  This was not the way LOVE deemed best to put down the rebellion of self against the will and wisdom of God.  No!  Hear Him say, “Not My will, but Thine…”  Jesus put down the rebellion in the human heart that rises against instruction by bringing human nature once again under the authority of God’s law.  And He did it by the attitude of, “I do always those things that please Him…”  John 8:29  He did it by submission to God’s law step by step.  Should we not then place a greater value on the law of God?

As I look at what He has done, and continues to do, for me, love awakens in my heart for Him.  How can I not love a Being Who has done so much to win me back?  Love puts down the rebellion in my heart!!   It is my prayer that I will always, step by step, thought by thought, word by word, action by action, allow Christ to “put down the rebellion” in my life–by His love.   And He said, “If ye love Me, keep My commandments.”  John 14:15.

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  1. Thank you Danna. Your study has touched my heart and with tears I am overwhelmed at the love that was exemplified in what my Father in heaven has done for me and for the rest of the world in the giving of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ!!

    Oh how I long for others to see this, that our love for God will motivate us to hate sin and turn away from it in our lives because of what it has done and is still doing to Jesus that we may live to honor and glorify Him. For this is what we were created to do! Isa 43:7

    God bless you my sister!!!

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