Tools for Healing

Tools for Healing

In my 30+ years of experience in natural remedies and health, I’ve encountered a lot of different modalities for therapy.  Few excite me as much as essential oils do.  Throughout the Bible there are references to “balms”, “ointments”,  and “anointing oils”.  Granted, these were more infusions than anything else, but the fact of the matter is that the properties in plants have long been used in healing.  It’s just that today there is technology that permits us to concentrate these properties exponentially in the form of these essential oils.

Some argue that essential oils are too expensive.  Granted, the more pure ones are more costly but consider the story of Mary Magdelene anointing the feet of Jesus before His death.  The oils she used were considered precious, and it cost her a year’s wages to perform that “lavish” act!  We certainly don’t have to spend a year’s wages to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.  But that act of devotion anointed the heart of Jesus more than just His feet.

As a Lifestyle Educator, Lifestyle Counselor, Medical Missionary and RN, I fully endorse and embrace the use of essential oils in the recovery and maintenance of health.  As I counsel with people now, I am beginning more and more to recommend the use of essential oils for everything from insomnia to gut healing.  And I believe this is every bit as connected to spiritual health as was Jesus’ teaching and healing.

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May the Lord bless your journey towards health mentally, emotionally, physically AND spiritually, that we may help to bring Closure for Jesus!

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