One thought on “Urgent appeal to SDA's from Ted Wilson

  1. I have never heard a more timely or important sermon!
    Satan is trying his best to put us in a state of disunity. He hates it when we know where he is working the hardest. We don’t have to be ordained ministers to spread the gospel. Our lives, especially, are a sermon to all those around us. What we dwell on, what we talk about, how we appear to others in every way–all tells of whether we are planning for a home in heaven or are in love with the things of this world. “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh”. The hour of His judgement IS come. Babylon IS fallen! Should we allow anything other than this to take priority in our lives? Spreading the gospel of truth in all it’s aspects has to be our biggest priority in life, if we want to spend eternity with Jesus. All other things fade in importance to the remnant of His church.
    TY, Danna, for posting this sermon.

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