2 thoughts on “US Constitution, Abortion, and the Seventh-day Adventist Church

  1. I absolutely agree with Titus on nearly all he says. One thing I don’t agree on is his summation of this country. Undoubtedly, this country did not treat the American tribes with the respect they deserved. But, believing that the people of God were given a place to flee where the earth offered a place to rest and worship according to Rev. what then? “Imperfect though because man is man and for that many mistakes were made. It is certain that Miracles were wrought to see pigrims survive here under the coldest of times.
    Later, sovereignty was secured against Great Britain in two wars with miracles of Providence recorded. What other nation has blessed the peoples of this world in such manner as this God blessed nation?

  2. Amen Titus. I also believe in the sanctity of life and that life begins at conception. We need to be praying for our leaders that they might come to the light.

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