Water and Salt–Danna Gesellchen

Water and Salt–Danna Gesellchen

Did you know that an estimated whopping 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated?   And did you know that it is possible to drink 8 glasses of water a day and STILL be dehydrated?  It’s amazing, isn’t it?  But it’s true, and we need to understand how to properly hydrate our bodies.  Many diseases and ailments are directly linked to dehydration.

The Bible says in Leviticus 17:11, that “the life of the flesh is in the blood”, and the blood is 98% water.  If an individual is dehydrated, they cannot have a good quality of life!!  Listen to learn more:

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  1. Nearly 40 years ago, we could not buy these special salts at any store. My husband went to the great salt lake in Utah with clean 5 gallon buckets and filtered the water into them. He brought it home in his truck and we used that through the years until healthy salt became available. We also used it in many natural treatments.

  2. I have been dealing with severe back pain the for the past month, I went to the chiropractor 2x and spent $104 with no relief. My pain had progessed to where I could barely get out of my car nor could I bend over without severe pain. I tried this remedy and on day 3, NO BACK PAIN. Every muscle ache is gone and my enery level has improved. Once again God has come to my rescue. I have a quart of water mixed so when I arise in the morning, I start hydrating myself with the mineral water. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you Danna for teaching us and staying true to God’s Word.

  3. I enjoyed the video on salt and water. I have cogested heart failure and more heart can not get rid of the fluid fast enough. I am currently on bumax to rid get rid of water. Any suggestions on how to do naturally?

    1. Hi Teresa–So thankful the water and salt video was a blessing to you. Without more information regarding your health in general, as well as health habits, it is very difficult to give any recommendation. However, I do know that magnesium, and other minerals are vital to get the water into the cells and out of the surrounding tissues. Vitamin D3 is important as well, as the other minerals “piggy back” upon Vitamin D3 to get into the cells. God bless you on your journey to wellness.

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