What is Disease?

What is Disease?

Continuing to share the presentations done by Mamon Wilson during his recent visit here, the next in the series is “What is Disease?”  Due to a mishap with our camera, we only got 1/2 of the actual presentation done here in Bismarck this past weekend, but Brother Wilson was so kind as to give me a recording of the same presentation done in Australia earlier.  Due to the length, I had to split this presentation into two parts, both below.  This is a fascinating journey into the causes, assessment and treatment of diseases and disorders of all kinds using the methods approved by God.

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  1. Disease is the pollution of the body from chemical poisons no matter where their source and radiation resulting in parasitic infestation and a lowering of the boy’s frequency . It stems from not enough of the right nutrients due to the body’s pollution as well as choosing the wrong foods. The body is on it’s way to starving as disease starts and progresses. Therefore our food source as well as our choice of foods and combining of foods is important. Detoxing the poisons is very important. We live in a very polluted world, and will ingest a certain amount of them no matter what . It’s a sign of the times we live in.
    Exercising is important as well as having a good chiropractor straighten our body’s spine out so the body can have proper nerve expression after a fall or other injury that puts us out of proper alignment.
    Proper dress. Living in a home where the sun shines, away from areas that are moldy and we can bring sunlight through our windows as well as the fresh air. These are the physical factors.
    We have shied away from the way of life God would have us to live. Fresh air; serene, country surroundings, growing our own food, getting lots of sunshine and working in our gardens as a part of physical exercise that is important to keep our health. Knowing how to care for ourselves without being dependent on other people who may not have our best interests at heart. Lack of studying His world like we should, and faith in ourselves more than faith in and dependence upon our Creator.. In order to have physical, mental and spiritual health, we must do as HE says and renounce the world and all it has to offer. Daily re-dedication of our lives to Him and prayer for His protection each day. We are living in the end of time when this world is ready for our Jesus to come back in the clouds of heaven and stop the reign of evil and deception.

  2. In order to recognize the cause of all diseases, and other specifics for getting your health back and staying healthy, I would recommend readers go to http://www.DocSutter,com and listen to his four video blogs. It’s foundational, and then you will be able to appreciate the videos on Danna’s website much more as well as put the pieces together. Listen to what the requirements of the cells are in order to stay healthy. Also., I recommend his detox program in order to regain your health. We have some non SDA.s who have figured this out in relation to what we find Guyton’s physiology. This stems from what Dr. Richard Schulze did in his clinic where what he did resulted in helping people heal themselves. We have to co-operate with our heavenly Father, too.
    Sister White told us from her pen of inspiration to get a knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Then she gave us the rules for staying healthy. Those rules were from God, Himself. It wasn’t God;s plan that we should still be on this earth. We have grown indifferent and lukewarm and become too much like the world. Therefore we are suffering like the world.
    We know God will protect us if we follow His commands, but we do still have many Adventists who have diseases and even get cancer. This should be a wake-up call for all of us to return to the ways God wants us to live.
    This proves how we haven’t lived and what the results are. However, in the time of Sister White’s day, the drug cartel hadn’t risen to it;s heights of dominance that it has in the world today. We left what EGW told us about NOT joining the AMA and followed the medical way of doing things rather than God’s. In other words, NO DRUGS except in a case of emergency. Disobedience always leads to disaster and death. Perhaps all of us can’t be responsible for not knowing another way. We weren’t taught this by our parents. The procedures were cleverly swept under the rug all the while the medical way for treating diseades was gaining popularity, strength and dominance in giving out the chemical poisons, EGW died in 1915. What has happened to our world since is the result of deception and lies by Satan and our own complacency.
    This is a simple and safe program of cleaning the poisons out, then we must follow what God inspired Sr. White to write about the other ways of keeping our health and what she tells us about feeding the body right.
    Embrace God’s ways of doing things, not the world’s, You’ll be saving your own life and the lives of your children in the process. I speak from personal experience.

  3. While I do highly recommend Dr. Sutter’s latest book “The Paradigm Shift In Health Care” and also watching his video blogs, because they tell the HOWS and WHYS the human plumbing system has to be cleaned out in order to eliminate diseases, I do not go along with all he says about other things, and the eating of meat that is now contaminated. There are other things he talks about that are not of our faith. We have to pick out the good and leave the things that are not of God.
    His program brought me back from colon cancer. This program is geared for the terminal or those who have a terminal disease like diabetes or cancer. It will work for everyone who finds their state of health at that point or anywhere is between.
    If one has the determination to stick with it, it’s possible to clean out the body using the order of cleansing: colon, liver, blood, lymph and then the cells. This is the sequence in which the body operates in order to get rid of the poisons. As far as I know, this is the only program that is guaranteed to have 100% results. We have Dr. Lorraine Day who came back fro cancer. Suzanne Somers, but they did not give us a complete protocol or publish a book on exactly what they did. The reason I recommend Dr. Sutter’s book.
    I also think that combining this program with Gerson Therapy is necessary to see results. juicing. Good food and a high concentration of all the necessary nutrients will give your body the fuel it needs to recover with. More than is required for the normal, healthy person on a daily basis, because our bodies have been injured by poisons and starved for a long time, and need to take in more nutrition with which to re-build tissue .
    Our food alone doesn’t contain enough nutrients to help a body recover from something like this, so it may be necessary to supplement with whole food concentrated nutrients like chlorella and spirulina. Sea vegetables that will give us concentrated, wild crafted food–iodine and minerals in the form that was created by God.
    Distilled water is a vacuum and will also pull out poisons. Many water supplies are contaminated these days.
    Giving others the benefit of my own experience and wishing all the best of health.

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