What to Expect in the Time of Trouble

What to Expect in the Time of Trouble

In this presentation Jim Buller discusses from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy what we have been told to expect during the time of trouble.  Many are motivated by fear, and I believe a lot of that stems from ignorance.  People need to be educated

We are in the process of buying a farm so that we can help men and women to BE prepared.  We plan to offer a place where people can come to learn how to transition from city to country living, how to garden, run a chainsaw, how to run a wood stove, how to build, how to do natural remedies, basic wilderness survival, etc. We will need help getting things up and running as quickly as possible, and we will need financial support.  If you see this as a need and are able and willing to support our work, please contact us or feel free to donate via our paypal button.  Mark the donation “farm/ministry expense”.

We have established a web store with items we use or recommend, or others have recommended to us.  Find that at www.closureforJesus.com/store/.

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