Who Is Singing?

Who Is Singing?

The angels sing for joy when a soul is snatched from Satan’s power, a trophy of the Redeemer’s sacrifice. { SW May 29, 1902, Art. A, par. 2 }

When a soul is captured from the ranks of Christ the synagogue of Satan sing in hellish triumph. (Letter 12a, 1893)

As I read these two passages this morning, my determination to keep the wicked demons silent was renewed. Can you imagine the chilling, hellish tune of a demon — or Satan himself — rejoicing over someone being eternally lost? A dirge! How horrible must be that “song”. Since Satan was the song leader in heaven before being cast out, what a horrible perversion this must be! Imagine looking into the face of Jesus at the loss, and at the wicked rejoicing of demons. Can you look into His face and not be moved? Can I? NO! I want to make the holy angels sing and make the heart of Jesus happy. Jesus needs closure!!

“Dear Father in Heaven, I ask for wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit to win souls for You. Please give me the key to each heart you bring me in contact with. Help me to be faithful as a seed-sower. Thank you, Father! In Jesus’ name, AMEN.”

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