Wild Edibles of Kentucky–D. Gesellchen

Wild Edibles of Kentucky–D. Gesellchen

We are preparing for a class coming up June 3-5, 2016 here in Kentucky.  Just a month away now, this class will be taught by Jim and Becky Buller (www.preparingtostand.org).  We believe it is important to help men and women understand how to prepare not only to survive in the event of disaster, but also, in the light of Bible Prophecy, to survive in the closing scenes of this earth’s history.  One of the ways we can thrive is to understand how to find food and medicine in the wild–when there are no doctors and no medicines.  This brief video is merely an introduction intended to pique an interest in your mind on the topic of wild edibles.

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  1. Good information Danna, I am going to start learning about our wild edibles in North Dakota. I have tried some these plants with Danna and Kalon in Kentucky…we mixed them in a salad, the wild plants are much juicier than our store bought veggies. I thought they were tasty.

  2. While I was raised in Maryland, my mother and father were born and raised in eastern Kentucky. I am in Corbin now.
    Mom taught us some things – like poke, wild strawberries, blackberries, pine gum, and sassafras. She did not like dandelion greens apparently – we were never taught to gather those!
    My daughter and I are just beginning to learn about the wild edibles we have locally. While she may still believe in the pre-trib rapture, I do not. She is still wanting to learn about free and healthier foods, though.
    We are glad to find a ‘now’ place to learn from.

    1. Hi Lois! I’m glad you’re learning wild edibles! We are still learning as well. I wanted to let you know that we are under contract to purchase a farm in Casey county and plan to start a “hands-on” school asap. We will teach gardening, Bible, wild-edibles, sewing w/a treadle, building, etc. Many hands-on practical skills as well as how to understand the Bible and where we are in the prophetic time-line given in Daniel and Revelation. Our staff is already formed, and plans for our school building are in the hands that will carry that forward. Keep in touch, and be sure to watch our “Jim Buller” series. I’m going to be uploading another one today.
      Thank you for your encouragement!!
      Blessings!! Danna G.

      1. It would be nice to attend your classes!

        I have a computer with a lot of book-learning available, but I do not have so much experiential learning.

        I also love Bible study, having a bachelor’s degree in theology. I notice this site is Seventh-Day Adventist. I believe in the coming Advent, and I believe in Sabbath study – but I do not follow Ellen White.
        I follow the Word and do Torah readings on Sabbath. I also follow the Biblical, not Jewish, dietary laws. My husband does not join in any of this.
        There are no seventh-day meetings here in Corbin. There is one, once a month, at Hampton Inn. I went once and the teaching on joy was the driest I’ve ever attended. No wonder it only has three attendees – two from Tennessee!
        I am pretty much on my own.

        My brother lives in Stanford and works for a company in Lexington that is owned by Seventh Day Adventists.

        I do work full time, so the timing of your classes will partly determine when we can attend. I am eager to learn!

        Thank you.

        1. I will do my best to keep you posted. Keep an eye on the web page, as I will make every effort to keep it up to date. Where we are moving there is very poor cell service, and I will likely have to access internet at a friend’s home or in town.
          Blessings to you!!
          Danna G.

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